In Piping Plan 32, flush is injected into the seal chamber from an external source.

Piping Plan 32 is used in services containing solids or contaminants, in which a suitable cleaner or cooler external flush will improve the seal environment. It is also used to reduce flashing or air intrusion (in vacuum services) across the seal faces by providing a flush that has a lower vapor pressure or that will raise the seal chamber pressure to an acceptable level.

This plan is almost always used in conjunction with a close-clearance throat bushing. The bushing can function as a throttling device to maintain an elevated pressure in the stuffing box or as a barrier to isolate the pumped product from the seal chamber.

Plan 32 Reduces air intrusions across seal faces by providing a positive flush.

Configuration: Pressure Indicator with Isolation Valve in AISI 316L, Temperature Indicator, Y strainer, Check valve, Isolation Valve.

Options &Accessories :
  • Temp Indicator and Thermowell
  • Flow indicator Transmitter
  • Pressure Transmitter
  • Strainer – ( SS / CS ) Shell and SS316 Mesh
  • 100% Radiography Test
  • 100% Liquid Penetrant Test
  • Sight Flow Indicator
  • Flanged Connections (ASME B 16.5)
Material of Construction SS316/L , Duplex, Super duplex, as required
Welding Book (WPS, Weld map) ASME Sec. IX / EN 15614
Construction Code- Piping ASME B31.3
Provisional Certification as applicable API 682 Ed. 4th
Pressure Part Certificates EN 10204 Type 3.1 / 3.2
Structure Part Certificates EN 10204 Type 3.1 / 2.1 / 2.2
Orientation & Sizes Dimension Reports
NDE Testing Reports VT,LPT, RT, PMI, Ferrite etc
Leak test Reports Hydro / Pneumatic Test Report
Surface Cleaning Certificate Pickling passivation
Surface Coating Certificate Painting Report