OP & RO Flanged Orifice

Orifice plate is used to achieve controlled or restricted flow of process fluid. The orifice offers a restriction to the process flow and the pressure head drops from the upstream to the downstream. The permanent pressure loss by the device is the intended pressure drop for which it is sized. The area of the orifice determines the rate of flow at the outlet of a given process fluid for the specified pressure and temperature.

Material: Standard: 304L , 316L stainless steel or others according to client application.

An Orifice Plate is used to measure flow, while a Restriction Orifice is used to drop upstream pressure of a system. While passing the fluid through thick plate energy is lost in friction and heat resulting considerable pressure drop. In flow control applications, orifice plates are used as restriction devices to regulate fluid flow or reduce the flowing pressure downstream of the orifice plate. The use of a fixed restriction orifice can be beneficial and economic by reducing the demands on other flow system components.

Raw material Certificates EN 10204 Type 3.1 / 3.2
Orientation & Sizes Dimension Reports
NDE Testing Reports VT,LPT, PMI, Ferrite etc